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Monitor your assets remotely, help to achieve your operational goals
Cost effective solution for your operations
Remotely monitor your assets with enhanced cyber security, role-based data access, self-service data analytics on your mobile
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RAMS Documents

1. What is RAMS?
Remote Asset Monitoring Solution is a comprehensive system for monitoring the remote manufacturing assets using IIOT & Cloud platform / On-premises solutions.

2. who does it benefit?
Manufacturing Industries with assets located at multiple Locations (eg: multiple site manufacturing companies, Utilities located at remote places, pumping stations, Jetties, Storage tanks, Pipelines etc…)

3. What are some use cases for RAMS?
In a pumping station, the performance of the compressor can be monitored remotely to ensure proper flow, inlet and outlet pressure (1st and 2nd stages), coolant temperature, speed of compressor. In addition, the parameters of the steam / gas turbine can be reviewed to ensure continuous supply of gas. Assets located remotely in distant locations can be monitored easily on the mobile. For example, the well pressure, temperature, flow, levels of storage tanks, temperature of the liquid can be looked at to understand the gas availability, asset utilization and plan the production downstream. Performance of a Diesel generator, located far from the operating unit can be checked on your hand held device and appropriate actions can be taken. Parameters such as Running hours, fuel level, energy generated, power factor, voltage, current, coolant temperature can be monitored remotely to ensure there is no impact on the hourly operations.

4. What can I gain from RAMS?
a. Quickly and easily connect to remote manufacturing facility and start monitoring b. Provides deep insights to operations problems and constraints with on-the-fly calculations, metrics and Self-Service Analytic capabilities. c. Analytics with Metrics enables better and faster decision-making, increased productivity and reduced costs. d. Makes plant operations information easily accessible to all of teams across devices e. Pays back the investment (in 6 – 12 months) through savings on fuel, man power and time

5. How do my day-to-day operations change through RAMS?
a. Reduces man-hours for data collection, calculations, and presentation b. Reduces the time for troubleshoot process issues by 50% c. By making the operations data available on Mobiles, the teams are seamlessly connected to plant which improves their productivity. d. Easier communication across teams e. Improves Safety by clear visibility of critical operational parameters across organization

6. What type of data does RAMS monitor?
All the Operations related Data can be Monitored from RAMS (eg: Sensor data, energy meters, Analyzers, ABT meters etc…)

7. Can I customize the views in RAMS?
Yes, RAMS is completely Self Service. with online Help users can create their own analytics, dashboards, KPi’s and Alerts

8. How many months of data is visible in RAMS?
Unlimited Data History is available in RAMS. It only depends on the hard disk Capacity of Server

9. What security protocol does RAMS provide?
All the Data is transferred through Secured Https Protocol and Data is encrypted through the transmission.

10. Is RAMS supported on Android and IOS? Is there a minimum configuration required?
Yes, RAMS has both Android and IOS Apps. Android Devices Must have Android Versions greater than 7

11. How does RAMS pull data from my data sources?
InSis DCN is an Edge processing supported IIOT Gateway/Workstation that will process the local data form DCS, PLC, SCADA, Historians, DBs etc and publish in the cloud server over a secure protocol. inSis DCN can be installed on normal workstations or Windows/Linux based IOT Gateways. Following are the built-in Interfaces available in for Data Fetching 1. OPC DA/UA/HDA 2. Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP 3. Relational Databases connectivity like MS SQL/Oracle/ODBC/OLEDB etc. 4. File Interfaces for CSV/TXT/Excel etc. 5. Custom IP21 Connectivity

12. What do I need to do to install RAMS?
Install inSis DCN in your Workstation/Edge Gateway and connect that with a data source. Take inSis Cloud Subscription from Jaajitech.

13. What are the commercial options available to install RAMS at my plant?
RAMS Comes with 2 Commerical Options. One is Annual Subscription Model for Cloud Services and Perpetual License Model for On-premise Server.

14. How many days does it take to install RAMS?
RAMS installation is very simple it doesn't take more than 1 Day.

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