Use the most appropriate view to analyze your data.
Swiftly select from set of rich and interactive views for better understanding.
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What is Infoview?
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Find, View and Analyze your plant data everywhere
Infoview for Web, Tablet, Mobile, MS Office and Cloud Apps
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DataPanels, InfoGrids, Gauges, Charts & Calendar View
Rich and interactive tools for quick and efficient analysis of your plant data.
  • Infoview-InfoPanels
  • Infoview-InfoGrid
  • Infoview-Charts
  • Infoview-Gauges
  • Infoview-Calendar
Get the real-time pulse of your plant data with DataPanel View
Watch live data as it changes with brief history sparklines
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Data Grids that display Information, InfoGrid View
InfoGrids features Quick summaries, Alarm highlights, Bad data alerts, Sparklines etc.
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Select the right chart for your data, Chart View
Chart View features various types of charts for appropriate data representation.
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